Heirloom Estate Planning

While we realized that our estates need to be planned out beforehand to avoid family inheritance battles or tax consequences, most people do not plan the distribution of their heirlooms to avoid family fights and disagreements.  Research shows the majority of family inheritance battles result from the inheritances of things, not money.

Why not sit down with author Susan Eisen now while you are alive and come up with a plan to distribute your heirlooms equitably?  She will come to your home and help you with the inventory, description, and listing of the items you want to distribute after you die.

Her consulting services are affordable, quick, and provide for an honest evaluation and distribution plan of your heirlooms.  While many people say they do not have much of value, you would be surprised at the sentimental value that is attached to items you own and create problems down the road.

Consulting fees start at $75 per hour depending on the scope of work requested.  For more information, contact orders@susaneisen.com or call 915-584-0022.