EDUCATIONAL SERVICES: Consulting, Seminars, Classes, Workshops, and Training Services.


Susen Eisen Constulting - Inheritance
Susan Eisen giving a talk to the El Paso Estate Planning Council

Susan Eisen is available to provide educational services in the form of consulting, seminars, classes, workshops, and training services on a personal or group level, to  those who need assistance after a family member is gone, or while a family is doing their heirloom estate planning.

Susan Eisen introduced the concept of the With Love List® in her book entitled “The Myth of The Million Dollar Dishrag-An Effective and Powerful Plan to Avoid A Family Inheritance Battle After You Die”.  Using the With Love List® allows you to more efficiently collect, gift, or devise personal property and the inheritance process. Preparing a will before you die is the best assurance your family will equally distribute your heirlooms in a loving way.  Because inheritance battles are based mostly on emotion, her expertise as a consultant can mitigate family conflicts, sibling battles, or other inheritance wars that develop.

If you would like to contact her to consult with you or your family, please feel free to call her office at 915-584-0022, send an email to susaneisen@susaneisen.com, read and comment on her “inheritance advisor” blog, or complete the “Contact us” section on her website www.inheritanceexpert.com.